Flow / Wengé & Copper

Flow / Wengé & Copper

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Flow free standing unique sculpture

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Waves are in perpetual flow; one moment water, the next a forceful movement and a particular shape. Night flows into day and day flows into night. The tide ebbs and goes out. Plants flow through the circle of life as do human beings. Meticulous timekeeping comes up short.
The Flow sculptures are playful explorations of shapes and movements with no beginnings and no ends. Waves, clouds, the shape of tornadoes. Birds’ wings. Fleeting - yet monumental - moments of great beauty captured through wood. 
The process of making them is also marked by flow. No boundaries between maker and object, making and material. A particular kind of happiness.
The world as it also is. Flowalicious.

Free standing sculpture

Material Wengé wood and Copper

Dimensions: H 150 cm