Sculpture in the STALACTITE series

Sculpture in the STALACTITE series

Ring for pris

Free standing hand carved sculpture in the Stalactite series

Edition: One of a kind


Lagerstatus: På lager

By Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen

Creation: Egeværk

Materials: Natural ash

Dimensions: H 39 inches

Stalactites grow ultra slowly from cave ceilings; thin and hollow like straws. Stalagmites - their twin cave creatures - grow from the ground up, solid and more sturdy than the stalactites. Made of lime deposits, they have growth rings much like trees. These rings tell tales of past climate changes as the growth of stalagmites is dependent on environmental levels of carbon dioxide, rainfall and temperature. 

The Stalactites / Stalagmites series began as an exploration of these peculiar natural shapes. In the process, a wealth of other shapes emerged. 

The light ash resembles the lime deposits of real stalactites and stalagmites.