Ring for pris

Handshaped vase
Design: Mette Bentzen and Lasse Kristensen
Creation: Egeværk

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SKIP is a series of individual oak vases of remarkable shapes; suitable for one single flower they are noble sculptures to enjoy. The SKIP vases are handshaped by Egeværk. 

Each vase is made from one large chunk of oak – cut in the dimensions used for traditional Danish half-timbered houses. Each chunk of sturdy oak has its own unique beauty which is unveiled in the careful process of handshaping the vase. One chunk of the half-timbering oak might dictate a drop shape; while another conjures up a statuesque Masai warrior. The secrets of the wood are thus unveiled in an accurate dialogue between the material and the master artisan by the turning lathe. 

Once shaped, delicate lines are handcarved into the vase adding fine rings to catch the light and highlight its unique shape

The vases remind us of the joy of skipping stones. First, you have to find the right stone on the beach. Then you weigh it in your hand and adjust your movements to the size and weight of the stone. A great stone matched with the right thrower creates the gravity-defying skipping of the stone; leaving a pattern of beautiful ripples on the surface. 

Handmade in the Egeværk workshop, Denmark

The vases are fitted with a slim glass tube.
Egeværk has created their own secret recipe for the black stain. Much like sourdough, it takes several years to make a good stain with the right components that will work with, and not against, the tannic acid of the oak. The colour becomes really deep without compromising the natural appearance of the wood. 
An Egeværk attention to detail. 

Højde 90 cm

Materiale: Lys eg

Foring: Glas